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Knowing More About Promotional Badges

When it comes to promotion an advertisement, you should be aware that badges have been around for quite a while already. For many years, such badges have been improved and manufactured to ensure that they will have a functional value in companies. Also, you should know that using promotional badges is something that’s very cost-effective when it comes to promoting certain products of a company.

Many companies consider promotional badges to be cost effective since they don’t have to spend too much to make a bulk of them. If you think that the promotional badges will be able to contribute to the marketing efforts of your company, then it’s best to know how to make these badges now! Having that said, this article will help you more with the info.

ID promotional badges

If you’re trying to go with a simple badge design, then the ID promotional badge is definitely for you. In addition to the purpose of being an identification badge, this type of promotional badge is also used as small posters. As for the material used to make this kind of badge, you’ll only need to use metal or plastic but that depends on the request of the customer.

Also, ID promotional badges usually come with the company logo so that people would know about the company. These promotional badges are also easy to use since they can be easily pinned on a lanyard.

It’s also possible to make promotional badges in the form of button pins

When it comes to the economical promotional badge, the button pins are known to fit this category. When a company puts their logo in button pins, that means they’re using them as promotional badges. However, the button pins are limited to small images and texts most of the time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that button pins are bad as promotional badges since they can be pretty useful when it comes to promoting the company since they can be attached to most things that people carry every day.

You should know that there are also flat lapel promotional badges

This kind of badge is basically made from metal and it usually has its own shape and has a colored enamel finish. Also, you should know that despite its unique properties, this is considered to be an economical metal promotional badge.

The embossed lapel badges is also a thing

This is the promotional badge that you’ll want to make if you want the final look to have an embossed and enamel finish. Adding to that, you should know that this kind of badge is made by stamping dies to that there will be an embossed effect on the badge’s metal base.

Promotional badges can also come as photo-etched

As you already know, this kind of promotional badge has the company’s logo or image etched on the metal base. Adding to that, this promotional badge is finished with smooth enamel.

If you want to know more about the promotional badges that you can use, you can always view here for more.

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