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Can CBD Oil Be Detected in Drug Testing

Today, CBD oil is very popular because of the benefits it gives to the body. It is known to treat certain bodily ailments including pain, depression, inflammation and nausea and it is also being used to fight off cancer cells and manage epileptic seizures. The many medical benefits of CBD has made a lot of people use it.

CBD oil can be used legally since it has so psychoactive effects. Other cannabis products are high in THC and this is the compound that produces the feeling of high in users and which is not found in great amounts in CBD oil. Not so with CBD and so many people take them or use them as vaping oil.

The question now is if CBD oil shows up in drug testing. Today, many employers require drug testing of their employees for many reasons. The concern of the employers is for the productivity and safety of employees in the workplace. You can find places where it is required by law to do drug testing in the office. Employees taking drugs may not be at their best on the job and so employers are concerned about them. Impairment is one of their concerns. Drug testing is a procedure to find out if employee are taking drugs that cause impairment. Most drug tests, however, do not really check for CBD oil.

If you are worried about the amount of THC is CBD oil, there is nothing to worry about because it is either very minimal or none at all. The THC in the CBD oil do not really show up in drug tests so there is nothing to worry about. Drug testing for THC will be negative even if you consume large amounts of CBD oil. There is testing for general CBD but for CBD oil, testing is not yet developed.

Testing for CBD oil has yet to be developed. Taking CBD is not known to cause impairment so your employer might not really be interested in drug testing for that. But if they are testing for CBD oil, then it is best to inform your employer beforehand that you are taking CBD oil and the reason for taking it.

Sometimes doctors conduct drug testing if you go for consultation. This is especially important if you doctor will prescribe medication for your condition and would want to know if there are other drugs you are taking so that he will be able to find out if the prescribed medication with react when mixed with the other drugs. And it is only for the safety of the patient. Drug testing is done for this reason alone. Doctors usually test for CBD in your bloodstream. You need to inform about your CBD usage so that you will be advised if you need to stop using it so that you can take the medications prescribed without any bad side effects.

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